Type 99 light machine gun


Type Light machine gun
Place of origin Empire of Japan
Service history
In service 1939–1945
Used by See Users
Wars Second Sino-Japanese War
World War II
Indonesian National Revolution
Hukbalahap Rebellion
Korean War
Chinese Civil War
Vietnam War
Production history
Designer Kijiro Nambu
Designed 1939
Produced 1939–1945
No. built 53,000
Weight 10.4 kg (23 lbs)
Length 1181 mm (46.5 in)
Barrel length 550 mm (21.7 in)

Cartridge 7.7×58mm Arisaka
Action Gas-operated
Rate of fire 700 rounds per minute
Muzzle velocity 730 m/s (2,400 ft/s)
Feed system 30 round detachable box magazine