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American order of battle

Joint Expeditionary Force (Task Force 51)

Vice Admiral R. Kelly Turner, commanding

Amphibious Support Force (Task Force 52)

Rear Admiral William H.P. Blandy

Attack Force (Task Force 53)

Rear Admiral Harry W. Hill

Expeditionary Troops (Task Force 56)

Lt. Gen. Holland M. Smith, USMC

Fifth Amphibious Corps

Maj. Gen. Harry Schmidt, USMC, commanding

Southern sector (Green and Red beaches):

5th Marine Division (25,884 officers and enlisted)

Maj. Gen. Keller E. Rockey (decorated Chateau Thierry 1918, Nicaragua 1928)

26th Regiment, 27th Regiment, 28th Regiment, 13th (Artillery) Regiment

Northern sector (Yellow and Blue beaches):

4th Marine Division (24,452 officers and enlisted)

Maj. Gen. Clifton B. Cates (Navy Cross, two Silver Stars)

23rd Regiment, 24th Regiment, 25th Regiment, 14th (Artillery) Regiment

Floating reserve (committed to center sector 22 Feb):

3rd Marine Division (19,597 officers and enlisted)

Maj. Gen. Graves B. Erskine (veteran of Chateau Thierry, Belleau Wood, St. Mihiel)

9th Regiment, 21st Regiment, 12th (Artillery) Regiment