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Type 38 rifle

Type Service/Bolt-action rifle
Place of origin Empire of Japan
Service history
In service 1906–1945 (Japan)
Used by See Users
Wars Russian Civil War,
World War I,
Second Sino-Japanese War,
World War II,
Chinese Civil War,
Indonesian National Revolution
Korean War,
First Indochina War,
Vietnam War
Production history
Designed 1906
No. built 3,400,000
Variants Carbine & Cavalry Carbine
Weight 4.19 kg (9.2 pounds)
Length 1,275 mm (50.2 in)
Barrel length 800 mm (31.5 inches)

Cartridge 6.5×50mm Arisaka
Caliber 6.5 mm
Action Bolt action
Rate of fire 10-15 rounds per minute
Muzzle velocity 762 m/s (2,500 ft/s) Type 38 cartridge
Effective firing range 366–457 m (400–500 yd)
Maximum firing range 2,377 m (2,600 yd)
Feed system 5-round magazine