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The Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial) was dedicated on November 10, 1954.

The United States Navy has commissioned several ships of the name USS Iwo Jima.

On 19 February 1985, the 40th anniversary of the landings on Iwo Jima, an event called the “Reunion of Honor” was held (the event has been held annually since 2002).  The veterans of both sides who fought in the battle of Iwo Jima attended the event. The place was the invasion beach where U.S. forces landed. A memorial on which inscriptions were engraved by both sides was built at the center of the meeting place. Japanese attended at the mountain side, where the Japanese inscription was carved, and Americans attended at the shore side, where the English inscription was carved. 

 After unveiling and offering of flowers were made, the representatives of both countries approached the memorial; upon meeting, they shook hands. The combined Japan-U.S. memorial serviceof the 50th anniversary of the battle was held in front of the monument in February 1995.  Further memorial services have been held on later anniversaries.

The importance of the battle to Marines today is demonstrated in pilgrimages made to the island, and specifically the summit of Suribachi.  Marines will often leave dog tags, rank insignia, or other tokens at the monuments in homage.

Iwo Jima Day is observed annually on 19 February in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with a ceremony at the State House.

The Japanese government continues to search for and retrieve the remains of Japanese military personnel who were killed during the battle.